Our purpose at Fiil Good is to make a positive impact on the world in which our children will live. We achieve this by owning businesses primarily in Finland. Our goals encompass both financial returns and positive non-financial (SDG) impact, as we promote the circular economy.

Fiil Good offers every Finnish individual the opportunity for impact investing.

You are our dream company

We are searching for companies that want to change the world for the better – profitably and permanently.

You are our dream company if you have a superior competitive advantage and you are not dreaming of a VC fund, but rather seeking more of a partner than an investor. Your company has a positive impact on the well-being of people or the environment, and your team is functional, understands the industry, and delivers results, but needs a partner like us.

Our success is measured by profitability, not the number of funding rounds.

We have a common goal

Impact-focused companies outperform others according to research.
In our operations, we emphasize these aspects:

Measurable impact

If impact is not measured, we do not know if the outcomes are what we set out to achieve. That is why, alongside the traditional risk-return analysis, we introduce a third dimension: measurable impact.

However, this is not always possible, and we must rely on values, assumptions, and narratives. For instance, how would one measure the reduction of consumption?


StepOne Tech

With the StepOne Tech eFlexFuel product range, you can use climate-friendly locally produced E85 fuel instead of gasoline in your car. This solution reduces your car’s CO2 emissions, makes your driving more affordable, and at the same time increases your car’s power and torque.


Kelluu has developed an airship concept that enables long-term and nearly permanent 24/7 operations in various tasks, such as locating damages caused by natural disasters or creating an aerial bridge.


The company’s software provides its customers with a way to optimize their mobile work and thereby reduce emissions.


With the help of QualityDesk, you ensure consistent personnel management models and goal achievement, and you obtain proven results in areas such as customer experience, quality, and employee satisfaction.

Tue Tiimiä

Tue Tiimiä.fi is a future digital fundraising platform and ecosystem that enables sports clubs, schools, organizations, and others to organize fundraising campaigns.


Vevex aims to be involved in making the world more environmentally friendly and less burdensome for nature. The lifespan of the bathroom is maximized, thereby reducing the amount of demolition waste generated throughout the life cycle of the entire apartment.

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