You are a dream come true company for us

Superior Competitive Advantage

You have identified a clear and significant problem in the market and have found a superior competitive advantage to solve it.

You may not yet have a scalable revenue model, but may already have some revenue.

The desire to build a business together

You’re not so much looking for VC-financing, but rather a partner than just an investor.

Your valuation is reasonable, and you think you need at most two financing rounds before you reach profitability.

In most cases, you do not yet have investors.

Positive impact

You company has a positive impact in the wellbeing of nature or people in the large (SDG)


you aim to transform your company to operate on circular economy revenue models.

The impact is measured and reported.

Effective Team

Your team is co-operative, understands the industry you operate in, and is able to get results, but you need an operator like us as a partner.

The team’s sole goal is not just an exit, but rather the motivation lies in the purpose of the operation and growing the company.

PS. Our success is measured by profitability, not the number of funding rounds. =)