Sami Etula
Sami EtulaManaging Partner
Ossi Numminen
Ossi NumminenManaging Partner
Feodor Aminoff
Feodor AminoffAdvisor / Board
Timo Kestilä
Timo KestiläBoard / Partner
Vesa Pihlajamaa
Vesa PihlajamaaBoard / Partner
Matti Paasila
Matti PaasilaInvestor Partner
Katri Koli
Katri KoliInvestor Partner
Juha Honkasalo
Juha HonkasaloInvestor Partner
Juha Lehikoinen
Juha LehikoinenInvestor Partner
Pertti Nupponen
Pertti NupponenInvestor Partner
Heidi Keso
Heidi KesoInvestor Partner
Kari Ollila
Kari OllilaInvestor Partner
Niko Sundell
Niko SundellInvestor Partner
Jari Turto
Jari TurtoInvestor Partner
Jari Osmala
Jari OsmalaInvestor Partner
Heikki Jungell
Heikki JungellInvestor Partner
Samuli Valo
Samuli ValoInvestor Partner
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